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Make Sure Your

Credit Score is Safe


Sign up with National iD Lock and stay secure!

When you choose National iD Lock, you are using the best. With our services, you can receive:

- 1B & 3B Credit Reports

- 1B & 3B Credit Scores

- 1B & 3B Credit Monitoring

- Credit Score Tracking

- Credit Lock

- Credit Score Simulator

- Credit Authentication

- Credit Bureau Customer Support


Credit Reports & Credit Scores

Once you authenticate your information with us, you will have access to real-time credit reports and scores, either 1 bureau or 3 bureau. This allows you to receive a complete picture of your personal credit data as would be viewed and used by creditors for making decisions. Our reports include: credit summary, credit scores and factors, personal information, all accounts, credit inquiries, and public records. Reports are viewable on-screen and may be emailed or downloaded if you need them. Reports may be refreshed depending on the frequency you desire.

Credit Monitoring

Our Credit Monitoring alerts you to changes to your credit report that could indicate potential signs of identity theft, fraud, or inaccuracies that could damage your score. We will be monitoring for any critical changes such as new accounts, inquiries, or address changes.

Credit Score Tracking

Credit Score Tracking will create graphs that track your credit score on a chart for up to 12 months. This enables one to easily see changes and trends to credit scores throughout the year, and alerts you to significant changes that could be an indicator of fraud.

Credit Lock

When you sign up with National iD Lock, you will receive Credit Lock. This feature allows you to lock and unlock your TransUnion credit reports at the touch of a button, putting you in control of your credit. Creditors, lenders, landlords, and employers are all able to request and view your credit reports. When you lock your reports, you block others from viewing it, which may serve as a critical step in stopping an identity thief from applying for credit in your name. If you’ve placed a security freeze on your reports, you will not be able to use Credit Lock until the freeze has been removed. If you cancel your subscription to National iD Lock, any existing Credit Locks will be removed and you will lose access to this feature.

Credit Score Simulator

The Credit Score Simulator estimates how your score may change by altering one or more key variables. Your current score is displayed so that you can compare your actual score to your simulated score. Change any or all of the available variables to calculate an estimated change to your score. The Simulator does not guarantee that your actual score will reach the simulated score range, nor does it guarantee that you will be approved or rejected for credit by any financial institution; it just provides an approximate indication of your credit-worthiness.

When you choose National iD Lock, you are taking control of your credit! We will work with you to help you improve your credit score, and keep your information safe from thieves and fraudulent activity. Sign up now!