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Data Breach: DoorDash

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In a recent blog post, DoorDash has confirmed that 4.9 million customers, delivery workers, and merchants have had their secure information stolen by hackers. The breach happened on May 4, but the company did not report this incident until nearly five months later, in September. They have stated that anyone who joined after April 5, 2018 was not affected by the breach.

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About the Breach

On May 4, 2019, DoorDash customers, delivery workers, and merchants had their information stolen by hackers. The breach has been blamed on a “third-party service provider” that has remained unnamed. The company has said it is launching an investigation, and engaging security experts to learn more and assess other damages. It is unclear why the breach was not reported to the public until September 2019.

Stolen Information

Not all users were affected by this data breach, and DoorDash has stated that users who joined after April 5, 2018 are not affected at all. The information that was stolen during this breach includes:

  • Profile information including names, email addresses, delivery addresses, order history, and phone numbers
  • The last four digits of payment cards
  • The last four digits of bank account numbers
  • Drivers license numbers for approximately 100,000 delivery drivers

Luckily, the last four digits of payment cards and bank accounts are not enough information for the hackers to begin making fraudulent charges using user information. However, with the personal information that has been stolen, there is enough data to create a base that can possibly lead to further breaches and data theft. This is especially true for any drivers who were affected by the theft of their license numbers.

What is DoorDash Doing?

The company has stated that they have “taken a number of additional steps to further secure your data.” They are improving their online security and access systems as well as hiring security experts to prevent future breaches of a similar nature. To read the full post from DoorDash, you can head to their website.

What to do if Your Info Was Stolen

If you were affected by this breach, the first step you should take is changing your password in the DoorDash app. Even if you signed up for the service past the “safe” date, it may be a good idea to swap your password. This quick and simple step is one very effective way to ensure your information stays safe.

Be sure to track the response and possible class-action lawsuits. If you were affected and a lawsuit does form, you could be entitled to receive some form of compensation. Not all breaches end in a settlement, but staying informed and prepared can help you receive your dues.

Are you a driver that was affected? It may be a good idea to freeze your credit. This will prevent thieves from opening unauthorized accounts in your name, which is a possibility with the information that was made available during this breach. This is not a full solution, but can go a long way to ensure your safety.

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