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Keep Your Identity Safe

With National iD Lock

Our Personal Identity Features are made to allow you peace of mind at all times.

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When you sign up, you will enjoy the benefits of:


  • ID Risk Score
  • SSN Monitoring
  • SSN Action Alerts
  • Change of Address Alerts
  • Data Breach Alerts


ID Risk Score

The ID Risk Score scans your data and returns a one-time analysis of identity fraud risk. This is based on proprietary algorithms and historical data that we use to bring you incredible protection. ID Risk Score is a multi-faceted analysis of identity fraud risk across a continuously-updated network of consumer data that contains over 250 billion data elements. Our algorithms analyze data from financial, insurance, healthcare, online, dark web, and public records sources. The ID Risk Score includes the score itself, a monitor, and an alert. The score returns a number from 0-999. 0-499 is low risk, 500-649 is elevated risk, and 650-999 is severe risk. The monitor  adds identity threats and matches in real-time as they become available and updates your ID Risk Score. Relevant data points that materially affect the score are reported in your dashboard. There will be an email notification when your score increases by more than 10%.

SSN Monitoring with SSN Action Alerts

With National iD Lock, you have access to unique alerts that are real-time and actionable.

High-impact identity theft and medical identity theft are all based on the "keys to the kingdom" which are Social Security Numbers.

SSN Monitoring with SSN Action Alerts are real-time, and more adept than other companies at detecting and preventing harmful identity theft, most of which occurs outside of the credit bureaus’ vision. We tap into extra informational channels that many other programs and business do not monitor so that we can ensure that your data is not being stolen or used without your will on the internet.

Personal Identity Monitoring

Intelligent Personal Identity Monitoring from National iD Lock searches for compromised information across the surface, deep, and dark web. Consumers whose identities may have been compromised are alerted in real-time. We constantly crawl tens of millions of data sources across the web, and in more than 26 languages. We search current and retroactive data going back to 2010. If you receive an alert, don’t be worried! We will help you to secure your data. About 61% of new users will receive at least one of the following alerts upon signing up:

  • Breach Alert – when a breach record is found in a search of a new known breach
  • PII Alert – this alert performs a search for personally identifiable information records
  • Document alert – performs a search on documents stored on the web
  • Torrent Alert – performs a search on peer-to-peer (P2P) documents like bit torrents for compromised information
  • Dark Web Alert – performs a search on records and documents located on the dark web

We can search for the following personal information:

  • SSN
  • Driver License
  • Credit & Debit Card – up to 10
  • Bank Account – up to 10
  • Passport
  • Phone Number – up to 10
  • Email Address – up to 10
  • Address
  • Medical ID

With over 5 billion data sources, we can notify you when there is a believed compromise or theft so you can take action immediately by changing passwords or closing email accounts to stop fraud before it can start.

Change of Address Alerts

On average, National iD Lock can detect and provide up to 7% more change of address alerts to ensure that your information and belongings are not being sent elsewhere against your will.

Data Breach Alerts

A data breach is a security incident in which sensitive, protected, or confidential data is copied, transmitted, viewed, stolen, or used by an individual that is unauthorized to do so. Data breaches may involve financial information such as credit card or bank details, personal health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), trade secrets of corporations, or intellectual property. Most data breaches involve overexposed and vulnerable unstructured data such as files, documents, and sensitive information.

Through National iD Lock’s process and data we use our Personal Identity Monitoring to make sure that we cover your personal information. Thanks to our fast response times, you will receive alerts in real-time should any of your information be compromised. This allows us to take quick action together to thwart identity thieves and hackers. Sign up with us today to keep your information safe at all times!